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  • Title : A Speedy Practice on Tenses for Busy Students – 2nd Edition
  • Series : Bravo Learning
  • Author : Cecilia Chan
  • Type : English Learning Tool
  • Price : HK$89
  • ISBN : 978-988-15573-2-2
  • Publishing House : Seedland Publishing Limited
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With the completion of ‘A Speedy Guide on Tenses for Lazy Students’, Miss Chan believes lazy students are now energised with great enthusiasm for learning English for they have learnt the method of using ‘Hint Words’ to get all the English Tenses 100% correct.

What next? Practice makes perfect. To consolidate what they have learnt and to fully master the skill in identifying the usage of different tenses, ‘A Speedy Practice on Tenses for Busy Students’ is the next move.

Students nowadays are like buzzling bees, loaded with tons of homework and extracurricular activities. So what’s better than practising tenses usage through this comprehensive and easy-to-understand revision book? There are a total of 30 exercises to help busy students revise the 11 tenses of the English Language efficiently. This is followed by 10 Quizzes to further enhance their knowledge. ‘Hint Words’ are provided in each quiz to guide students in identifying the correct tenses to complete the passages. The real challenge comes with the 10 Proofreading Tests with no hints given.

If you are ready to take on the challenges and capable of completing the Quizzes and Proofreading Tests at ease, you will then become a ‘Master of Tenses’!