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  • Title : A Speedy Guide on Tenses for Lazy Students – 2nd Edition
  • Series : Bravo Learning
  • Author : Cecilia Chan
  • Type : English Learning Tool
  • Price : HK$89
  • ISBN : 978-988-15573-1-5
  • Publishing House : Seedland Publishing Limited
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With over twenty-five years of teaching experiences, Miss Chan fully understands the helplessness that many students may encounter before sitting for English tests and examinations, especially regarding ‘Verb Tenses’. ‘A Speedy Guide on Tenses for Lazy Students’ is the best tool to help students regain their confidence in the usage of tenses. It covers the eleven most common tenses, providing simple and easy-to-understand examples for Upper Primary and Secondary School Students in preparation for most academic English assessments. After every chapter, there are exercises for students to practise using the tense learnt. The Quizzes that follow help them consolidate the use of ‘Hint Words’ to identify the correct tenses in completing a passage. Students are then encouraged to do the Proofreading Tests to check their understanding of the use of different tenses in a variety of contexts.

As a gift, enclosed is a set of ‘Quick Revision Cards’ that serves as an effective tenses revision tool. With the self confidence gained in tenses usage, Miss Chan believes that even lazy students will feel the renewed energy and enthusiasm in them when they find writing good English a much easier task, if not, a joy and pleasure!